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About Advertising Wales

Advertising Wales takes on the tricky job of marketing your business while you concentrate on the core function of your business.

Cost effective advertising

Advertising Wales delivers cost effective advertising solutions in Wales to help put buyers in touch with sellers. Through our online business directory, Advertising Wales addresses the changing consumer culture through the effective use of emerging technologies and communications channels.

On average, around 50% of users turn to the Internet to locate businesses, a figure which is increasing year on year. In response, Advertising Wales strives to understand the needs of advertisers and the trends of users.

Through the implementation of our online business directory, we offer a simple, effective way for users to locate businesses and make immediate contact directly through the website or by telephone.

The full extent of our Advertising portfolio equips advertisers with 5 different advertising opportunities to showcase and promote their company.

What you receive as an advertiser

Advertising Wales provides a business directory packed with active businesses located within Wales. As an advertiser you can expect to advertise and promote your business in 5 different ways to achieve maximum coverage and penetrate your selected market.

Option 1 - Enhanced listing

Option 2 - Premium Listing

Option 3 - Spotlight listings

Option 4 - Advertisements

Option 5 - Home Page Advert

Advertising options / zones

Advertising options
supporting businesses in Wales
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